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project description


The client sought a prototype design for their offices based in Minneapolis and San Francisco. Showrooms which would demonstrate the company’s trademark for employing innovative technologies for consumer product displays, were included in the program for the prototype offices. Our design features a gallery at the reception lobby which houses a series of custom designed cabinets into which video display units were mounted. The custom cabinets are movable and accommodate interchangeable components to allow a variety of configurations of display panels to be profiled.
The reception area emphasizes movement with its elliptical curved wall leading the way to the gallery hall lined by designed custom display units, arriving at a product presentation conference room. When appropriate, a multi media show can be activated en route along the curved entry wall to showcase the experience of video display marketing.
An informal work loft culture environment pervades the work spaces, with sofa and game tables in the staff lounges. Materials were selected alluding to its “garage” start up ancestry in the form of exposed stud construction and corrugated fiberglass panels. The company logo can be found  embedded onto the floor plan.