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Hillsborough California Residence, Larkins Townhouse, Condominium Remodel

The Hillsborough Residence is over 8000 square feet, and opens to a spectacular view down a wooded gorge and tree groved hill slope.  One can  ascend to its multi stories via a central elevator or a curvalinear staircase that leads to a tiered balconies and terraced walks.  The house is anchored to the hillside with a robust stone basewall that belies its elevated position on the hillside. A swimming pool, garden and tennis court are located at the base of the circular stairway that projects off the hillside face.

The Townhouse design uniquely access the front entrance through the side wall, allowing a centralized entry point. This entrance yard grants greater openess along the longitudinal side of the building, giving the owner and its neighbor a sunlit side yard. 

Condominium unit has been redesigned for ADA accessibility. In the place where the master bedroom suite was located, there is a proposed Flex Space that will allow either a  work area, guest bedroom, or expanded living area in the form of a  library.  When the flex space is expanded into a larger living area, the windows on the two sides of the condo unit will share a cross view allowing borrowed city views from both directions to connect across the unit. The Kitchen has been enlarged to accommodate a contemporary lifestyle with openess into the living areas.