Executive Summary

Principal John K Lai Architect PLLC


 Quality Assurance and Control

Leading the company with over 25 years of experience, our clients include Owners, Government agencies, Architects, Developers, and Contractors. Our work experience cover a wide range of building types, from concept formation through to completion of construction documents onto construction observation and administration. Our goal is to bring about the most meaningful vision you seek for your project's successful conclusion.

We have participated in projects, large and small; from a large addition to the Little Rock Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport, to smaller design development and code life safety study for a multi-family drawing packages, we can provide supporting drawings for almost any project need and in any design or document phase. We provided project managment for the Little Rock Air Force Base, meeting the clients need for oversight for over a dozen projects on a variety of building types, in  different phases of development, from barracks to training and medical clinic facilities.

These recent works bring us intimate knowledge of federal standards for compliance with DOD requirements, specifically FAR regulations, UFC standards, FPE and  other WBDG criteria among the project management work performed at the Little Rock Air Force Base.

Our work can be performed to suit our clients requirements, at client offices as subconsultant, to facilitate connectivity to multidiscipline servers and documentation coordination essential in some BIM formats. or, performed independently from our home office.

We invite you to see other relevant works that illustrate our capabilities on the web site at www.imagicad.com. Your questions are always welcome.